Leominster Removals
Boxes & Packing Service

Option 1

For those who feel up to doing their own packing, we supply boxes, tape, wrapping paper and bubble wrap.

  • Boxes (large & small) - £2.50 each (£1 refund each if returned).
  • Tape - £2 per roll.
  • Wrapping paper - £10 per pack.
  • Bubble wrap - £1 per metre.

All prices include VAT. Free delivery for orders exceeding £100 within a 15 mile radius of Leominster.

Option 2

In addition to supplying your boxes and packing materials, we can pack your china, crockery, glassware, ornaments and other breakables leaving you to finish the rest in your own time. 

Option 3

Finally, we can bring the boxes just before your moving date and pack the whole of your belongings in one go.